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Slovenia House will open its door on 10th of September.

It will be located on the 13th floor at 99 York Street and will be visually marked on the building's facades on York and Clarence streets with the "Slovenia in Sydney 2000" logo. Most events between 10 and 31 September will take place at this location.

Slovenia House will primarily be intended for presenting national sportsmen and their achievements and sponsors of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, while part of the premises will be dedicated to Olympian Leon Stukelj and an exhibition of his accomplishments in sport. For the duration of the Olympic Games, the presentation will be combined with an exhibition on various segments of the Slovenian economy, culture, ethnology, ethnography and tourism, set up in the eastern entrance hall of Sydney Mutual House.

Slovenia House - outside

An overview of trade mission, tourism presentation and other events that will be taking place in Slovenia House.

Informative displays about Leon Stukelj, Slovenian Olympism and Slovenia

Slovenia House - inside