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  • Do you know where the largest ski jump in the world was for many years and where the magic 100- and 200- meter barriers of ski jumping were broken?
  • Do you know where women alpine skiers love to return every winter and what a fox has to do with their achievements?
  • Do you know where adrenaline enthusiasts go to find the greatest thrills and which river charms them over and over with its emerald shades?
  • Do you know who was the first in the third millennium to conquer a Himalayan goal and what country marked his desire to touch the sky?
  • Do you know where to row past a beautiful island in the middle of a lake and where the northernmost winds of the Mediterranean fill the sails?
  • Do you know where mineral and thermal waters known to recreational runners across Europe can be found and how high the mountain pass is that bicyclists storm each September?
  • Do you know where the victorious Lipizzaner horse comes from and where it learns dressage?
  • Do you know where the oldest skiing in Central Europe originated and on what skis the still unsurpassed victories of Ingemar Stenmark were achieved?

    The simple answer to all these questions is Slovenia.

  • Lake Bled

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